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We love riding, and that shows in our selection of top quality rental bikes. Whether you are planning on epic road riding into the mountains, getting into the new and exciting world of adventure riding or simply a leisurely ride around Lake Annecy with the family, we have the bikes for you.

Customised for you

When you rent a bike from us, we go above and beyond to set it up to your exact specification. We’ll change stem length to give you the ideal reach and swap brakes to make sure there are no surprises when you put the anchors on (only available on weekly rentals). Bring your favourite saddle and we’ll fit that too.

Adventure Bikes

At Basecamp, we love adventure riding; that feeling of escape that comes with venturing off the beaten track and exploring your limits. Whether you fancy a few hours or a few days of escapism we have everything you need for expedition; big or small. Our fleet of 3T and OPEN bikes are the best adventure bikes of the moment. Pair them with frame bags for a spot of credit card touring or take your adventure to the max and choose our explorer lightweight camping gear to really experience life on the wild side.

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  • Half day 50€
  • Full day 80€
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Leisure Bikes

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